Wednesday, August 25, 2010

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25.08.10 XING groups get the most # Vienna

XING groups moderate

A successful social media community manage and build

Again it is ready. The fourth best use XING group seminar. My personal conclusion of the first meetings in the Florido on Mind Mapping in the seminar, I was already ( see link ), so my part to assess the needs of current participants:

If you find yourself you are right ...!

A trip to the statistics of the Austrian Austrian XING groups (Vol 5 appears as late as June - Vol 4 on 13/01/2010 ) will show that the trend in XING times just incidentally 'make' a group is broken . XING groups with / without no gain / activity are unfortunately quantitatively in the majority.

situation of past participants:
There is an existing, in development and / or expansion to contain business model, vision, mission, and in any case a legitimate concern in social networking media (social media). You 'approach is aware that the concerns of time and money thus a major investment, although still often how great this could be.

wishes of past participants:
  • organize events
  • customer loyalty and service over networks maintain
  • group dynamics in the moderators team control
  • acquisition of as much as possible contacts for a particular idea
  • Targeted Newsletter
  • activity / discussion / skills with group members
  • alumni use as an employee and customer loyalty in the Group
Was there something there ...?

... further information and registration

When: 25/08/2010 13:00 - 18:00 clock
Where: 27 OG in Floridotower
Who: You + max. 5 Other

Michael Rajiv Shah
Official XING coach for Austria

more information, group facilitation Top 100 Austria - Code of Conduct - Setup Guide for groups - XING help groups - requesting XING group - Moderators groups - like we are personally responsible for individual questions & Strategic training, consultancy and community development.


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